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At AkzoNobel innovation starts with understanding what our customers need.

Our commitment is to do that better and quicker than our competitors. That means understanding and anticipating how our world and our customers’ lives and expectations are changing.

You will see AkzoNobel innovation all around you. Our science is protecting the world’s most iconic buildings and landmarks. It is helping to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria in hospitals, keeping buildings cool to conserve energy and saving shipping companies both time and money by helping their vessels glide through the sea.

Of course sustainability is integral to everything we do at AkzoNobel. Nowhere is that more obvious than in our innovations. The world needs sustainable solutions. That is why most of our innovation work is driven by sustainability and the ultimate goal is to deliver more value, with fewer resources.

All this means recruiting the very best people – pioneering chemists and engineers, strategists with acute insight into the markets, needs and global trends that will shape our world.

But we know there are times when we need to work with others to find those breakthrough innovative solutions. That is why open innovation is a big part of our innovation strategy.

On these pages you can discover more about our strategy and people and how our passion and commitment to great science mean we are the leaders in delivering innovative solutions.


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