Managing Sustainability


Over the last few years Sustainability has become firmly anchored in our regular business processes. Sustainability is fully integrated in our Strategy and Management Tools . We have defined special Focus Area’s where we want to make a step change to become a true sustainability leader.

Major business opportunities can be unlocked by applying sustainability thinking across the complete Value Chain , from Raw Material Extraction to disposal or recycling of end products. Of course excellence in operations, supported by robust Health, Safety, Environment and Security Management is a fundamental building block of our sustainability framework.

Throughout AkzoNobel we foster the same Social Values , reflecting the way in which we conduct our business and develop our employees. Our Stakeholder Engagement reflects the complexity of today’s society, ranging from partnerships with NGO’s to carrying out Community Service projects in emerging countries. We foster transparency, therefore we put high value on an open and trustworthy communication with stakeholders through Reporting and Verification .